Doula service for prenatal, birth and postnatal

Based in Montreal, Les Premiers Moments offers a range of services for prenatal, birth and postnatal needs.
Les Premiers Moments

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Prenatal Services

We offer private and group prenatal classes and organize Blessing Way Ceremonies.

Birth Services


We offer birth doula services as well as professional and discreet birth photography.

Postnatal Services

We offer postnatal doula services, breastfeeding help and support and Rebozo care and ceremony.


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During my third trimester, my partner and I decided to find a doula to prepare as best as possible to our baby’s arrival and to be guided during the birth. We are so happy we found Camille. What an amazing woman! We felt safe and listened to from our first meeting; she is kind, available and encouraging. Her experience changed everything, especially during the birth with its many twists and turns! She was able to reassure us and keep us confident and on track! Thank you so much Camille! We recommend her services to all women and couples.

– Sophie Gagnon

We were fortunate to have Camille as our doula. From our first meeting, I felt safe and guided by someone with experience and knowledge. During our prenatal classes, we could expand on the subjects that were most interesting to us and take the time needed to express any concerns with no fear of judgement.

On the day of our birth, I felt so supported by Camille! I had no more strength to think or even breathe but she reminded me to do so every step of the way. My partner also was happy to feel her support. My birth would not have been the same without her. Her peaceful demeanour, her encouraging words and her energy helped me to let go and stay in the moment, taking one contraction at a time!

I will never be able to thank you enough Camille!

– Chris Monque

We hired Camille to support us during the last few months of pregnancy and the day of our birth. Her presence allowed my husband to be included in moments where fathers are so often forgotten. Thank you so much for guiding us and supporting us in the birth of our little Louise!!

– Alex Lagueste