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About Les Premiers Moments

Based in Montreal, Les Premiers moments was born in June 2017, after a long period of reflection by Camille Maheu, its founder. She wondered:

What is missing in the Quebecois birth culture?

A holistic service, encompassing the trust and quality we infuse our birth work with.

From Gatineau to Baie-Comeau, the same excellent doula service by doulas trained in the best centres, sharing a common vision: giving the power of birth back to those giving birth.

In our work as support to future parents and couples during birth, labour and the postnatal period, we want to transmit our knowledge as well as the confidence that we know every parent can have during this transition to parenthood. We have an inclusive vision of this society and wish to offer services that reflect our empathy, respect and openness.

Camille, the founder, is fluent in LSQ (Quebecois sign language) and hopes to become a bridge between the hospitals and the deaf community. Thus, all our services are offered in LSQ, as well as in French and English.

We also hope to become a home to doulas working solo in their areas. Being a business owner can be isolating and we hope that all those who are passionate about birth can fully emancipate themselves, and grow in their work.

Our Social Implication

The image of parenthood we see in Quebec does not represent society as a whole.

Here at Les Premiers Moments, we wish to represent Quebecois families as flexible and inclusive.

In mainstream media, the images we see are of hetero-normative, cis-gender and Caucasian families, the accepted « normal. »


We wish to create an inclusive community for parents, giving voice and space to:

  • Body diversity
  • The LGBTQ+ community
  • Solo parenting
  • Non binary persons and pregnancies
  • Different religions and backgrounds
  • Multiethnic backgrounds

We are committed to serving you with an open mind to best understand your reality, welcoming you with open arms and with advice adapted to your family.

Our original documents do not attach gender to parenthood; we are speaking to all parents, no matter how you define yourselves.

Camille’s path in perinatality started in Madagascar, offering birth support and care for women who couldn’t afford or simply didn’t want to give birth in the city’s hospital. It was in this small city of Diego-Suarez that she found her true love for community work and bond.

We’ll always try to help out as many families in need of care, specially the ones living in precarious situations.

Rosette Edwige et moi
Meet our doulas!

Our Team

See the smile on the face of our doulas! We are proud to be of service all year round. Come and read the individual profiles and learn a little more about each member of our great team.

Langue des signes du Québec

Our services are offered in LSQ!

All our services are available in LSQ. The same packages apply: the number of visits, the time spent with you and the price do not change, only the language!

The main service our business provides is doula care, which encompasses private prenatal classes with expecting parents. During the birth (which may be in hospital, at a birthing centre or at home), the doula is present from the beginning to the end. She does not take on the doctor or midwife’s role but rather plays her own part, bringing emotional and physical support to the parents/birthing parent. In the event that the birthing parent is deaf, the doula can also interpret, explain and translate, as well as listen and give advice and information in a sensitive way.

Obstetrical violence is present in hospitals. Unfortunately, those who are marginalized or visible minorities are even more at risk. Doulas are recommended for all future parents and deaf people, who can all count on their doula to be their ally during this important life transition.

Prenatal courses are given in LSQ and are adapted to deaf people directly by the doula.

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