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We are always happy to talk to you by email or phone and answer your questions. At the same time, your time is precious, so here is a list of questions that are asked on a regular basis, and we hope that you will find the answers to your questions! The questions are separated by service so be sure to scroll down the page to find your information!

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    General information

    What payment methods are accepted?

    We offer the possibility to pay by bank transfer, credit card via PayPal or by check. We do not accept cash. All payments must be made to Les Premiers Moments directly.

    With which services can we get naturopathic receipts?

    If you have private insurance that covers naturopathy, all of our individual care services can be reimbursed: birth doula services, private prenatal classes, postpartum support, Rebozo care and breastfeeding support. You can have receipts in the name of the pregnant person, her partner and the child once it is born.

    Where are your prices posted?

    On each service page, prices are displayed at the bottom of the page. The prices shown are always before taxes.

    Birth doula services

    How do you ensure that the pregnant person’s partner feels included in the process during the birth?

    The doula will not take your partner’s place. She makes sure that both parents are comfortable in the situation and understand their options at all times. However, she can provide your partner with a break from pain management manipulations or simply be present if he or she is unable to be present for a while.

    Is it possible for my doula to be present at the birth without prenatal or postnatal visits?

    In order for our service to be complete, we always want to meet the parents at least once before the birth, in addition to the first free outreach meeting. The postnatal meeting is free with the discount applied to the package, so it’s up to you to use it or not.

    Do we still have to take prenatal classes if we take a service with a doula?

    No. Our prenatal meetings are also prenatal classes. You will have the same information and documentation as in our group or private classes.

    Our prenatal classes

    How do you ensure that the pregnant person’s partner feels included in the process during your classes?

    Our courses are written in such a way that everyone feels included in the process. During the classes, we take the time to talk to both parents about each step of the process. Ex: We answer the questions: How can I help myself manage contractions – How can you help your partner manage her contractions.

    Do the future parents have to bring certain equipment with them for the classes such as exercise balls, mattresses, etc.?

    No, everything is provided on site.

    Can the parents come to the classes with another person who will be included in the pregnancy process, for example, a mother, sister, best friend, etc.?

    The request has often been made in private classes and the answer is always yes. Given the limited space in group classes, it is preferable to keep to 2 people per pregnancy. On the other hand, when the pregnant person is a single parent, another person of her choice can attend the classes without any problem.

    How do you cope with high-risk pregnancies (diabetes, twins, etc.)?

    If the parents are going through a complicated situation, private classes are a better option because we adapt the content for them and we can take the time to go into more detail about interventions, risks, options… But for diabetes or another more common complication, group classes are malleable enough to find all your information. Also, keeping the groups small can help us to adapt the content for the parents present.

    During the partner class, what kind of information would the person receive more than the group or private class?

    We address the course entirely to the partner. In the full course we cover most of the material, but in the private workshop we go further and adapt to the partner’s strengths.

    Postpartum support - day and night

    Does the same person come to see us every time or are they different people?

    We will match you with the same doula for your entire bank of hours. There may be last-minute changes if your needs change or if your doula needs to attend a birth.

    How far in advance do we have to reserve our postpartum care?

    Ideally, you should purchase a bank of hours before your delivery and plan a schedule in advance. At the same time, many parents only feel the need for this service several weeks after the birth. In this case, you can make a request for prompt service and we will try to respond quickly to your need.

    You offer support services during the day and night. Can parents meet with the person before making their choice?

    For long contracts, yes, we offer a free pre-contract meeting. For small banks of hours, a simple phone conversation will do the trick.

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    Do I need to book my Rebozo care in advance?

    Ideally, you should contact us before you give birth. But if you’ve just found out that this treatment exists, book it quickly because two therapists have to travel to your home and schedules can be complicated to arrange. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks post-delivery to receive the treatment.

    Breastfeeding support

    Do you have IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultants on your team?

    Not at this time. In the meantime, there are people on the team who have a great deal of breastfeeding knowledge and have been breastfeeding sponsors and parent therapists for many years.

    Baby Sign Language

    Where can I get the educational manual if I can’t come to the workshop?

    You can order it by mail anywhere in Quebec. If you wish to avoid shipping costs, it is on sale at Les P’tites Poires boutique at 3921 St-Catherine East in Montreal.

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