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Our Team

Our team cumulates an experience of more than 950 accompanied births.
That’s more than 3,000 hours spent accompanying the expectant parents during their births.
We have taught prenatal classes to more than 150 parents since 2017.
We accompany in 27 hospitals and birthing centers in our territory.

We offer the first approach meeting free of charge. It’s 100% without obligation!
To ensure the perfect match between you and our doulas, we offer you up to 3 free meetings with members of our team.

During this meeting, you will be able to ask all your questions and establish your needs more precisely. This is not a prenatal class but an opportunity for you to find YOUR doula.

You can see with the individual profiles below, that our team has changed since the last time we were all together!

We are doulas from different horizons, with practices that are similar and that allow us to live our individuality at the same time. Some cover the south shore, others the north shore, some have a lot of experience in breastfeeding, others in birth photography.

We work in teams, two or three doulas at a time. This allows us to always ensure adequate follow-up for the parents we are accompanying and a reassuring presence at any time of the day or night.

That’s why during the holiday season, construction holidays, spring break, you can count on us and the team to always have the answers to your questions.

Come and read the profiles of our doulas and ask to meet one in particular if you wish!

South Shore
Annie Archambault
Birth and Postpartum Doula
Perinatal Naturopath
Hypnodoula and Bonapace Trainer

Massage therapist, doula and perinatal naturopath, Annie’s positive energy gives everyone around a reason to smile.
She offers doula and post-partum doula services, prenatal classes and massage therapy at home for parents and future parents.

Greater Montreal
Camille Maheu
Birth and Postpartum Doula
Perinatal Naturopath

Founder of the company, doula and perinatal naturopath

It is with kindness, a contagious smile and a commitment to deep listening that Camille offers all services in French, English and LSQ, in Montreal.

IMG-20200518-WA0001 (1)
Montreal / North Shore
Nathalie Albertini
Breastfeeding consultant

A true breastfeeding enthusiast, Nathalie travels from family to family for support and advice. From complex problems to the simple validation of your instincts, she responds with gentleness and empathy.

Greater Montreal / Lanaudière
Caroline Gingras
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Véronique is a woman of passion who wants to help parents find their way. She guides by her gentleness, her open-mindedness and her great experience.

Throughout Montreal and on the North Shore, she offers courses and guidance.

North Shore / Montreal
Kimberley Lavoie
Birth and Postpartum Doula
Perinatal Naturopath
Hypnobirthing and Bonapace Trainer

Passionate about the world of perinatality, what Kimberley wishes most is that each person can experience childbirth in awareness, trust, gentleness, intimacy, respect and above all love! Her vast experience will put you right at ease.

Ysaline Bollie
Birth and Postpartum Doula
Perinatal Naturopath
Certified midwife (Belgium)

Ysaline is a trained midwife from Belgium, who works here as a doula. She has the best of both worlds : the medical knowledge and the touch of a sensitive and caring doula.

Montreal - South Shore
Géraldine Giler
Birth and postpartum doula
Perinatal Naturopath

Geraldine has been immersed in perinatal care for several years. She has worn several hats and with Les Premiers Moments she is a birth doula sometimes solo, sometimes in dyad with Diane.

She is a very empathetic, open-minded and dynamic person. She now also offers her services under the title of naturopath!

Montreal / South and North shore
Marie-France Lavallière
Osteopath D.O.

Marie-France offers osteopathic services that specialize in perinatal care.

For both the mother/person who has just given birth and the baby, gentle treatments can help with rehabilitation.

North Shore
Marianne Saint-Pierre
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Accompanying at birth and during the postpartum period, Marianne listens and reassures with a smile in her eyes.

With passion in her heart, she offers her services all the way to St-Agathe!

Montreal - North Shore
Vanessa Dupuis
Birth and postpartum doula
Perinatal Naturotherapist

Vanessa specializes in more specific accompaniments such as VBACs (vaginal delivery after caesarean section) and IVF (in vitro fertilization).

She is a warm and friendly person who makes you smile and has many tools in her doula bag!

Montreal / North Shore
Karine Deschênes
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Mother of four children, mother-in-law of four others and grandmother-in-law of three grandchildren, family is at the heart of her life!

It is always a great privilege for her to assist you in your choices for the birth and to support you day and night during the waking hours.

Montreal - South Shore
Shanie Lapointe
Sexologist specialised in perinatality

Whether during pregnancy or after the arrival of a child, our sexologist can offer you listening or advice in the privacy of your home, online or at our offices.

Shanie is full of energy and has excellent communication and understanding skills, which makes her a sex therapist who quickly puts us at ease!

North Shore / Montreal
Mauranne Monette
Birth and postpartum doula

As early as the fertility period, Mauranne can accompany future parents to better live through the new transitions, as much by accompanying them at birth, teaching them prenatal classes or through naturopathic consultations and follow-ups.

Mauranne is also trained to accompany people with ASD.

Montreal / North Shore
Dalia Séguin
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Young and motivated, Dalia is the perfect person to come and offer you real moments of respite. Her gentleness and her listening skills will put you at ease.

Your newborn will be in good hands with Dalia, who has been in the perinatal field since she was a child.

Montreal - South Shore
Laurianne Letarte
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Overflowing with energy, Laurianne will know how to put herself at your level and that of your baby during the beautiful moments of shared relief.

Her sense of humor and joie de vivre make her a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

How to choose the right doula for us?

The relationship between the doula and the parents is valuable and important. We offer up to 3 free meetings with our team members to ensure the ideal match!

You can ask to meet one of our doulas if you already have a doula crush! Make sure she is available by calling 514-312-1723.

Picture by Mikaël Theimer 

Our doula team

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