Full Spectrum Doula, Perinatal Naturopath

Camille Maheu


Camille is the founder of Les Premiers Moments. She became a doula in 2014 and perinatal naturopath in 2017.

With over 50 births under her belt, she can say that she loves her job.

She moved to Montreal after leaving the Outaouais region in 2013. She is a member of the Quebecois Association of Doulas and is part of their board of directors as the vice-president since 2018.

Camille has her level 5 in LSQ (Quebecois sign language) and offers her services in sign language. She also volunteers with Médecins du Monde to offer doula services to women with no health care during their birth.

Camille has a cat, Michelle, to whom she tries to teach the fundamentals of feminism and « dad jokes » always make her laugh.

For the time being, Camille will not accept new doula clients but she will continue to teach the group prenatal classes and some of the private classes.

Professional Training

Basic doula training, Perinatal Academy, Diane Boutin, 2015

Breastfeeding, Perinatal Academy, Ingrid Bayot, 2015

Newborn and child care and health, Perinatal Academy, Diane Boutin, 2015

Prenatal care and particular healthcare needs, Perinatal Academy, Diane Boutin, 2015

Female Anatomy, Perinatal Academy, Audrey Limoges, 2015

Sign language for Children, Perinatal Academy, 2015

Obstetric practices, a critical history, Perinatal Academy, 2015

Pregnancy and well-being, Perinatal Academy, 2015

Quebecois sign language, levels 1 to 5, Raymond-Dewar Institute, 2015-2017

Alternative Medicine, Perinatal Academy, 2016-2017

Rebozo, Alternative Naissance, Alice Beker, 2016

Perinatal Sexuality, Perinatal Academy, Véronique Bessette, 2017

Nutrition in the prenatal period, Perinatal Academy, Laurence Sala, 2017

Perinatal Herbology,  Alternative-Naissance, Véronique Tanguay, 2017

Perinatal loss, Perinatal Academy, Annie Ève Gratton, 2017

Crying and sleep patterns in infants, Perinatal Academy, Ingrid Bayot, 2017

Communication and parenting, Perinatal Academy, Ingrid Bayot, 2017

Healing rituals, Alternative-Naissance, Mayou Soulière, 2017

Perinatal use of Rebozo, Esther Tétrault, 2017

Complete course on naturopathy, École Internationale d’accompagnement Cybèle, Nancy Richard, 2017

Massage during Birth, Bianca Thuot, 2018

Birth Doula Services

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