Birth Doula, Perinatal Naturopath

Caroline Gingras


Following the birth of her first child, when she realized the power of motherhood, Caroline immediately dreamed of accompanying women to come into contact with this strength and vulnerability.

During childbirth, she weaves a cocoon around you, to allow you to experience the richness of this unique adventure where well-being and discomfort, strength and fragility, softness and intensity coexist. Caroline becomes the guardian of your bubble, allowing you to swim in this space where a dose of love hormones bathe that promotes a physiological, gentle and natural childbirth. Moreover, by being the guardian of this bubble, she allows the spouse to live this adventure at 100%, rather than to live helplessly; because she is for them an ally, a benevolent and reassuring support, in the process of birth.

It’s with conviction that Caroline is at the service of your team of future parents in the preparation and support of the arrival of your new baby. According to her, respect, hospitality and listening are essential to accompany couples in this unique adventure, this magical and memorable moment.

Her mission, to be at the service of life!

Professional Training

Coach PNL Family Global Consciousness Interpretation Centre, Laval, 2014-2015

Annie-Ève Gratton Perinatal Bereavement Training at Académie Périnatale – 2015

Breastfeeding and Newborn Training Ingrid Bayot, Magog – 2016

Birth Doula – Centre Pleine Lune, Val David, QC – 2015

The postpartum: a fourth trimester of “gestation”? | Ingrid Bayot, Val-David – 2015

Continuous perinatal training at MTL’s Relevailles – 2014-2015

Parent Coaching Workshop | Annie Gohier Coach NLP – 2005 to 2010

First aid courses | Red Cross – 2006

Baby Carrying | Les Relevailles de Mtl – 2004

Birth Doula Services

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