Birth and Postpartum doula, perinatal naturopath

Karine Deschênes


Mother of four children, mother-in-law of four others and grandmother-in-law of three grandchildren, family is at the heart of her life! It is always a great privilege for her to assist you in your choices for the birth and to support you day and night during the waking hours.

Understanding the necessity and importance of postnatal support, she has developed several tools to help you (rebozo, ayurveda, naturopathy, herbalist).

Karine offers nightly respite throughout the Greater Montreal area and birth doula services in the Lanaudière region, being from Shawinigan!

She is bilingual and has a great experience with babies and parents alike.


Herboriste, Les Âmes Fleurs, Marie-Christine Vallières (en cours)

Doula postnatale en Ayurveda, The Sacred Window, Ysha Oakes (en cours)

Soin Rebozo, Atelier Rebozo, Angie Yanez, partie théorique complétée (en cours)

Séminaire physiologie et naissance, Michel Odent et Liliana Lammers, 2020

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Accompagnante à la naissance, Centre Pleine Lune, Amélie Blanchette et Isabelle Chalut, complétion en cours ( stage et travail de recherche à compléter)

Accompagnante à la naissance, Collectif Les Accompagnantes, Québec, 2000

Doula services

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