Birth Doula, Perinatal Naturopath, Massage Therapist

Kimberley Lavoie


I am a mother of four children and I had the pleasure of opening my doors to young people who needed to feel the benefits of family love. My door has always been open for a discussion, help or just a little hello.

For me, family is very important. A family can mean many things, but in my opinion, it is a word that means love and respect. This love can come from many different sources and people, and since I was a child, I quickly realized how important it is to have a resource person with whom you can be authentic with yourself. A person who has no judgment and is present from the heart in their relationships with you. This is one of the reasons why I am passionate about the world of perinatal care.

To have the opportunity to see a couple become a trio, a surrogate mother opening her heart to a dream of another or even a single woman who welcomes the sincere support of a friendly intervener and to witness on this occasion is an honour and privilege for me.

My studies in birth support have been combined with those in naturopathy and massage therapy. My specialized training in the field of perinatal care allows me to advise, equip and refer to the information necessary to live a healthy and balanced pregnancy in addition to preparing for a birth with confidence, love and security.

Services offered in French (perfectly), English (perfectly) and Spanish (intermediate).   

Professional Training

– HypnoNaissance, Méthode Mongan, HypnoBirthing Institute, 2017
– Care and ritual with Rebozo, Esther Tetreault, 2017
– Rebozo Workshop, Gena Kirby, 2015
– Birth Doula Basic Training, Mère et monde, 2014
– Particular Cases, 1 to 6, Mère et monde, 2014
– Doula work and Breastfeeding 1 to 4, Mère et monde, 2014
– Doula work and medical interventions, Mère et monde, 2014
– Doula work and assisted procreation, Mère et Monde, 2014
– Prenatal Follow-up 1 and 2, Mère et monde, 2014
– Help relationship, Mère et monde, 2014
– Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, Mère et monde, 2014
– Alternative medecines, Mère et monde, 2014
– Postnatal follow-up 1 and 2, Mère et monde, 2014
– Specific massage for pregnant women, Académie de Massage Scientifique, 2014
– Birth without stress, Méthode Bonapace, Julie Bonapace, 2013
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