Doula and naturopath

Mauranne Monette


Mother of a little boy born in February 2018 and a little girl born in October 2019, Mauranne discovered motherhood in all its remarkable aspects. Her mission is to guide you and accompany you in full consciousness on your journey. Her numerous trainings allow her to combine her field experience and theory to offer you a multitude of tools, suggestions and to accompany you from fertility to early childhood.

Mauranne offers personalized naturopathic action plans that are the result of her accumulated experience as a specialized educator, perinatal consultant and naturopath.

Trained as a specialized educator, Mauranne has learned about accompanying people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and offers specialized accompaniment throughout the perinatal period to families with one or two parents with ASD.

She continues her training to give you the best, whether it be in massage therapy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and various natural health products.

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage and giving birth is a small miracle every time, so she has decided to sprinkle her life with these magical moments.

Perinatality is full of information, feelings and emotions that she wants to share with you. She will listen to your needs, your fears and your concerns.

The services offered by Mauranne are: birth doula services, prenatal classes, breastfeeding support, postpartum care and naturopathic consultations and follow-ups.


Joint pain, Jean-Yves Dionne, Academy of Apoticaria, Ongoing

Stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, Jean-Yves Dionne, Academy of Apoticaria, In progress

Materia Medica, Caroline Gagnon, Floramédicina, In progress

Rebozo, Angie Yanez, In progress

General Naturopathy, Naturopathic School, Ongoing

Doula and Perinatal Coach, Nancy Richard and Celine Baes, Ongoing

Massotherapy 450 hours, France Anukampa, Art-massage, In progress

NLP Microprogram for Entrepreneurs, Marisol Michaud, In Progress

Andrology, Nancy Richard, École Cybèle, In progress

Pregnancy and breastfeeding, Jean-Yves Dionne, Academy of Apoticaria 2021

Introduction to natural products, Jean-Yves Dionne, Académie de l’apoticaire 2021

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Initiation to homeopathy, François Rose, MIC training,2019

Introduction to Aromatherapy, Françoise Rose, MIC Training,2019

Food and Global Health, Guy Béland, MIC 2019 Training

Base PNL, Nathalie Hamelin, International Coaching Institute, 2019

It all starts with skin to skin, Janie Vachon-Robillard, Institut National du Portage des Enfants,

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perinatal, 2018.

Female ASD, IDRC, 2017.

Intellectual Disability, IDRC, 2015.

Special Education Technique, Cégep de St-Jérôme, 2013.

Perinatal Naturopathy

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