Postnatal and Birth Doula Services

Ysaline Bollie


Trained in perinatal care and in naturopathy, Ysaline is constantly striving to acquire new skills in order to be the most adapted to the needs and demands of future parents. She is a trained midwife from Belgium and works here as a full spectrum doula and as a perinatal assistant in la Maison de Naissance Jeanne-Mance.

She is involved with couples at birth and in the postpartum, Ysaline is also a great traveller, which is why she decided to leave her little Belgium to start a new adventure in Quebec.

Snow, nature in abundance, maple syrup pancakes and evenings with friends at the cottage are definitely a must for her!

Professional Training

Perinatal naturopathy, École internationale Cybèle, Montréal, 2019

Birth Doula, École internationale Cybèle, Montréal 2018

Midwifery Practice, Haute école Léonard de Vinci, Belgique 2018

Birth and Postpartum services

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