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Did you know that according to a study conducted by the World Health Organization, the continuous presence of a birth attendant (doula) at your birth can:

  • Reduce the risk of having a Caesarean section
  • Increase the speed of childbirth-You give yourself a better chance of having a less medicalized childbirth
  • You ensure an easier start to breastfeeding

We invite you to request an outreach meeting, free and without obligation during which a member of our team will visit you at home and explain in detail our work, our services and why everyone should have a doula at birth!

You can meet up to 3 different doula of our team, free of charge!

Birth Doula Services

Birth Photography

Our mission is to support future parents before, during and after the arrival of their baby.

Support during birth can help you experience birth more positively. We are available

  • For hospital births
  • In birthing centre births
  • In home births

A doula will be available for you and for your partner.

No matter which twists and turns your birth story may take; your doula is with you and is part of your birth team from the beginning to the end of the adventure.

Your doula is not a nurse or a midwife.

She has training specific to her job, and this specificity is the strength of the bond created with you before, during and after birth.

Her sustained presence during birth can

  • Shorten labour
  • Develop more effective coping strategies for contractions
  • Avoid medical interventions
  • Explain medical language and interventions
  • Help your birth partner better support you
  • Help you feel more listened to and supported

We know the reality of parents in Quebec and more importantly the realities of Quebec’s healthcare system, which helps us to help you navigate birth in a gentle and fluid way.

We are there to support you.
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Mikaël Theimer

Picture by Mikaël Theimer

Labour and birth may feel long but they also go by so fast!

Birth photography allows parents to keepsake the first moments of life that are so precious. The first time you lay eyes on your baby and the emotions that are felt all throughout the day are unique and timeless.

We have excellent birth photographers who are skilled at capturing these moments while remaining almost invisible! Your intimacy is their priority.

Our birth photographers are available and on call from 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Time goes by so fast and memories disappear with the years, why not make these moments last forever?

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