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Birth Doula Services

A doula is a person who supports, listens and empowers a pregnant person as well as a person who has just given birth.

A doula is not a midwife or a nurse, but she has training that is specific to her job as a doula.
Her specialty lies in creating a bond of trust with the pregnant person and their significant other if they have one, while providing information on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

During the birth, the doula is present from the beginning to the end and supports the birthing person and their partner physically and emotionally.


«An extraordinary birth experience, thanks to the Les Premiers Moments team. A human approach where I always felt confident, respected and well advised during this magical moment. My partner and I highly recommend their services!»

– Stéphanie Potvin, Avis 5 étoiles sur Google

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Our area of work

The city of Montreal, a 70km radius outside Montreal and the entire Outaouais region

The advantages and our take on the doula’s role

A study by INES proves that the continuous presence of a doula during birth leads to:

  • 60% less epidurals
  • 50% less cesarian section
  • births 25% faster
  • 30% less drugs used for pain management
  • 40% less use of forceps and suction cups
  • 40% less artificial oxytocine used for induction

A doula can support you during a home, hospital or birth centre birth. She has many tools and can help manage the intensity of contractions and the birth process for both you and your baby.

A doula will also visit you a few days after birth to offer support and answer questions. She has training in breastfeeding and is there to answer all your questions.

AQAN - Association québécoise des accompagnantes à la naissance

Facilitate your birth with a recognized professional service!


The professional body for Doulas in Quebec is the  Quebec Doula Association (QAD). By hiring a doula that is a member of AQAN, you make sure to hire a person who is fully trained.

Birth Doula Services

Our Packages

1 prenatal meeting at your home, our one-one-one support during the whole birth and 1 postnatal meeting at your home
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3 prenatal meeting at your home, our one-one-one support during the whole birth , 1 postnatal meeting at your home and 12 hours of postnatal care
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Included in every package

  • A meeting with your doula before she is chosen, to make sure that you and your doula are a good fit.
  • Prenatal meetings last approximately 2 hours. We cover pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies’ sleep as well as any additional subject that may interest you.
  • During your birth, your doula meets you at your home or directly at the hospital or birth centre and stays with you until 2 hours after you’ve given birth.
  • Post-natal visits last approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Your doula stays available by email and by phone during your pregnancy and up until the moment your baby is 6 weeks old.
  • ​Your doula is on call for you (day and night) from 37 weeks until you give birth.

Add-on services

  • Prenatal meeting, 2h: 150$
  • Postnatal meeting, 1.5h: 120$
  • Post-partum doula services: 30$/hr.
  • Rebozo: 300$
  • Blessing way: 200$ + 10$ per guest
Birth Doula Services

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