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Massotherapy at home

Why massage therapy at home?

During pregnancy, it is often necessary to consult a massage therapist to relieve some of the tensions, both physical and mental. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, any travel is complicated and puts us at risk of being in contact with many people in an uncontrolled environment.

You decide what goes into your home, you are in control of the asepsis and you are in contact with only one person, who is careful not to leave anything behind.

The home massage therapy service can help many people living in special situations. If you have an at-risk pregnancy and your doctor suggests that you stay in bed for several weeks, you will definitely need a massage to help you live through this time.

If you have just given birth and your body is sore, stay comfortable, a massage therapist professionally trained to work with pregnant bodies or those who have just given birth will come to relieve you.

We follow the rules of hygiene to ensure the lowest possible risk of contamination of COVID-19.

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    Here are some situations for which massage therapy is a good solution:

    • Back or pelvic pain during pregnancy
    • To prepare your body for an easier delivery
    • Relieve recurring headaches
    • Decrease stress
    • Improve sleep

    And much more!

    We work as a multidisciplinary team and have a global approach with all our clients. You always have access to a variety of therapists who can help you in the different areas of parenting. We have osteopaths, NLP coaches, sexologists, naturopaths, perineal physiotherapists and, of course, birth doulas.

    Home massage therapy services are available in Montreal, Laval, North Shore and South Shore.

    To better prepare for your massage therapy appointment, make sure to clear the steps and entrance as the therapist brings her treatment table. The service is not offered at home if there is more than one floor to go up, unless someone else in the house can help the therapist with her table and her effects.

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      Massotherapy at home
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