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Physiotherapy in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation

What is perineal and pelvic rehabilitation?

Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation is one of the many areas of physiotherapy that prevents before treating. Perineal and pelvic physiotherapy addresses issues related to the proper functioning of the female reproductive system and the pelvic floor muscles (perineum).

It is useful to prevent and treat urinary incontinence and to reduce discomfort before delivery (back pain, pain at the symphysis pubis…). After childbirth, physiotherapy can relieve and help heal various ailments: scarring, pain during sexual relations, pain in the vulva and vagina, etc.

It consists of strengthening and flexibility exercises, as well as manual treatments to normalize the urinary system, tension, pain, prolapse and pelvic floor strength.

At each appointment, part of the time will be reserved for a health questionnaire, followed by an internal and external examination, followed by advice adapted to your situation.

We strongly recommend starting perineal physiotherapy during pregnancy. You will be able to prevent many injuries by becoming familiar with your pelvic floor.

Internal examinations can be resumed 6 to 8 weeks after delivery but the physiotherapist can give you advice if you are uncomfortable before the 6 weeks postpartum.

We follow the rules of hygiene to ensure the lowest possible risk of COVID-19 contamination.

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    Perineal physiotherapy at home

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    In-home services are highly controlled

    All of our physiotherapy services are provided in your home, which allows you to control your environment during an appointment where you need to feel safe. The physiotherapist will call you before the appointment to ask questions before the appointment and to explain the procedure and make you feel very comfortable.

    We take the emotional and physical safety of our clients very seriously and since these treatments are intimate in nature due to the area being treated, your boundaries will be established before we begin and our physiotherapists are very aware of informed consent.

    Situations that can be addressed by perineal and pelvic physiotherapy:

    • Prevention is the most important focus: to ensure a good balance between a strong and supple perineum, thus preventing postpartum issues.
    • To prevent or treat urinary incontinence
    • To optimize healing
    • To reduce pain
    • Evaluate prolapse
    • To facilitate a return to sexual relations

    We work as a multidisciplinary team and we have a global approach with all our clients. You always have access to various therapists who can help you in the different areas of parenthood. We have massage therapists, osteopaths, sexologists, natupathists and of course, doulas.

    Physiotherapy services in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation at home are available in Montreal and surrounding areas.

    To better prepare for your physiotherapy appointment, be sure to clear the space in the hallway and on the steps as the therapist sometimes brings her treatment table.

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      Physiotherapy in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation at home
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