Our postnatal services

Postnatal services for new parents

The beginnings of parenthood are tiring, even exhausting. Nights are short and time is often a precious commodity.

Finding time for self care is difficult but we can’t say it enough: it is so important to take care of yourself!

If you have questions or are worried about breastfeeding, your baby’s nutrition or sleep habits, we have qualified people that can help you, by telephone or in person.

Home rest

Breastfeeding support

Rebozo ceremony

During the first weeks of a newborn’s life, parents are often overwhelmed. Even if you are well prepared, theory and practice are different, and so many questions are specific to your own baby and your own situation.

Every baby, every birth and every parent are unique. This is why a personalized approach is essential to really calming these anxieties and finding viable solutions that are adapted to each family.

We support you day and night, even after birth.
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Our postnatal doulas are available day or night to help you get some shut-eye, knowing that your baby is in good hands.

Our postnatal doulas can help by:

  • Taking care of baby
  • Letting you sleep
  • Doing light house work
  • Helping you with breastfeeding
  • Providing advice on sleep habits and your newborn

Finally, we also offer a closing ceremony to your birth and postnatal: Rebozo care.

This relaxation ritual brings closure to the birth process. By wrapping your body in scarves in 7 areas of the body, we encourage warmth and an introspective letting go in order to integrate your new space in the world as a parent.
We are here to support you in your new role every step of the way and will provide important advice to assist in your child’s first weeks of development.

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