Postnatal services

Breasfeeding support and sleeping advices

The first weeks of a child’s life are often full of questions for new parents. It is normal to have trouble finding reliable information when different sources seem to contract each other!

A post-partum doula is trained to offer information on breastfeeding, physiology and infant sleep that is back-up by science. We have the answers to your questions!

Sleep consultations are based on a global evaluation of your child. We do not offer formulas or recipes that promise miracles but try to approach each child with respect and empathy, concentrating on helping to provide tools to better understand his nutritional and sleep needs and help him (and you!) get the sleep you need.

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You may be looking to:

  • Increase milk production
  • Achieve a comfortable latch-on and suckle
  • Make sure your baby is drinking enough
  • Manage a strong ejection reflex
  • Help baby sleep in another environment
  • Understand a change in sleep patterns
  • Achieve safe cosleeping

There are many solutions to every problem and we work with you to find the one that works for your family! ​

First contact with your breastfeeding doula

You may contact us by email or by telephone. We will schedule an appointment after a short telephone consultation.

We can then decide together if phone or in-person consultation is preferable to suit your needs.


Breastfeeding and sleep support by telephone

If we have opted for phone consultation, we will schedule 2 calls, both lasting 30-45 minutes with a qualified doula.

With your doula’s help, you decide what you would like to work on and different solutions are proposed.
The second call allows us to follow-up on the plan we have developed.

All children are different. If a week after our call, no results are seen, we can put into place a modified plan.

Breastfeeding and sleep support at home.

For certain breastfeeding problems, it is important to watch baby latch and suckle.

Then, our doula can work on getting an optimal latch and milk transfer by changing some aspects of positioning or environment. These meetings generally last about 1.5 hours.

Your baby’s quality of sleep is greatly affected by the environment in your home during the day. At times, a physical evaluation of your child’s ability to sleep – or not – can allow us to better adapt our advice to your environment and your baby.

Mère tenant un bébé dans ses bras
Breastfeeding and sleeping support

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Two 45 minutes calls
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