Postnatal services

Postpartum support - day and night

Traditionally, women in the community offered support for 40 days or 6 weeks after the birth of a child.

A post-partum doula can offer some support to parents in this transition to help make the journey smoother.

We offer post-partum support to any parent, regardless of the age of their baby.

This support includes time to sleep, to have a shower or to simply talk about what you are going through

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Postnatal support, at home

A post-partum doula understands your needs and puts you first. We try to keep the same doula for all the banked hours you purchase to help create a bond between baby and doula, because they will spend a lot of time together!


Daytime support

For daytime post-partum doula services, our doula comes for a few hours to help you rest during the post-partum period. She can take care of your children as well as help out with some light house-work.

You can take this time to

  • Sleep
  • Eat a warm meal
  • Have a shower
  • Get out of the house on your own
  • Talk to someone who understands your needs and your concerns.

Nightime support

Our post-partum doulas now work for you at night!

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you can now gain a few hours of sleep by hiring a doula at night! She will take care of feeding baby a bottle or bring him to you when he is ready for a feed.

Once done feeding, she will take care of bringing baby back to bed and take care of him until he wakes again.

Postpartum support

Our fees

200$ / night
From 10 pm to 6:30 am
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Packages :

  • 9 hours for 250$ = 20$ savings!
  • 18 hours for 490$ = 50$ savings!
  • 36 hours for 970$ = 110$ savings!

Night packages :

  • 4 nights for 760$ = 40$ savings!
  • 8 nights for 1500$ = 100$ savings!
Postpartum Support
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