Our adaptations


Since May 1st, 2020, we have resumed our postpartum support services by adapting our way of working a little. We see only one family per day, we wear a mask as soon as we are closer than 2m to a family member and we wash our hands and objects that we touch several times per visit.

Postnatal services

Postpartum support - day and night

We call the postpartum support at home, “relevailles” in French because this is the time when the parents get back on their feet after giving birth.
A postpartum doula comes to offer support and assistance to parents who wish to go through this phase more smoothly.
Care is offered for everything and for as long as you need it, we will help you no matter how old your baby is.
Sometimes our entourage can help, but in times of pandemic everyone makes efforts to reduce contact, often with grandparents unfortunately. You’re making a good decision by asking for a professional to come and care for your baby while you take time to sleep, shower and talk about what you’re going through.
You can also ask to be accompanied to an outside appointment or to go out on your own.

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    Postpartum support at home

    Our fees

    185-200$ / night
    From 10 pm to 6:30 am
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    Packages (prices before taxes) :

    • 3 hours for 90$
    • 9 hours for 250$ = 20$ savings!
    • 18 hours for 490$ = 50$ savings!
    • 36 hours for 970$ = 110$ savings!

    Night packages (prices before taxes) :

    • 1 night for 200$
    • 4 nights for 760$ = 40$ savings!
    • 8 nights for 1500$ = 100$ savings!
    What our clients think


    I have used the postpartum support services at home. It was GREAT! A real break for a tired mom! Catherine was adorable. She took care of Baby Bruno too well while I was getting a massage. I even took a bath. Never seen before in a nutshell! I recommend the services of the team for parents who need a little relief. It’s magical!

    -Zoé, Bruno’s mom

    A team that listens and if there’s one thing you need after the birth of your child it’s help. Camille and her team are simply amazing!

    -Louis, Anaël’s father

    An important match

    A postpartum doula understands your needs and will always put them forward. She will ensure your comfort while prioritizing your baby’s health and safety.
    We make sure to keep the same caregiver throughout your entire time with us.
    In this way, you will develop a relationship of trust with your postpartum doula and the child will feel comfortable with this new adult, because they will spend a lot of time together!


    Postpartum support during the day

    For the day services, a postnatal doula will come for a minimum of 3 hours at a time to give you a chance to recover better during your postpartum. You have 3 months to use the banked hours after purchase.

    You can have a fixed schedule e.g. Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 12pm or ask your doula for her availability in the coming weeks and go with her schedule and yours.

    Once at home, your postnatal doula will take care of you and your children and if everyone is resting she will be able to do light housework and prepare a meal.

    During the service, you will be able to, among other things :
    – sleep
    – eat a hot meal
    – wash yourself
    – leave the house alone
    – have a dedicated resource at your side to answer your questions
    – get advice on breastfeeding and sleep for your child
    – to be accompanied during outside appointments
    – go out with friends or partners
    – talk to an adult

    Nightime support

    Need to fill your batteries? Don’t underestimate the power of having 8 hours of sleep all to yourself.

    Your postpartum doula will be happy to come and rock your baby from 10pm so they can sleep as soundly as possible. You’ll have a peaceful sleep knowing that a professional trained to care for very young babies is taking care of yours. When the whole family is rested, the days are always more enjoyable!

    If you’re breastfeeding your baby, the doula will bring your baby to you when they’re ready to nurse, and as soon as the feeding is over, she’ll come and pick up the baby so everyone can go back to sleep. If you are not breastfeeding, she will take care of feeding your child during the night.

    The postnatal doula leaves at 6:30 am the next morning leaving you a note summarizing how the night went if you are still sleeping.

    If you take a bank of nights, you will always be paired with the same doula, so that a beautiful and trusting relationship is established for you and your baby.

    Postpartum Support
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