Postnatal Services

Rebozo Ceremony

In the comfort of your own home, two doulas come to guide you in a physical and emotional closure after birth.

You may feel the need to let go of events or emotions related to your birth process or to close a door to make space for the transition to parenthood.

The Rebozo ritual offers a moment of relaxation, to concentrate on your body and your emotions. It is offered in 3 steps: bath, massage and tightening ritual with scarf.

Traditionally, Rebozo is offered to women 35 to 40 days after birth.

We believe that the birth process applies to so much more than childbirth, whether projects, landmarks, the completion of studies, medical procedures, mourning processes, the end of relationships, etc.

This ceremony can be used to bring closure to any life transition and can bring comfort and a sense of peace.

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    Here are a few photos from a Rebozo session given by Camille (doula) and Sheena (acupuncture and massage therapist), our qualified Montreal dyad!

    Postnatal ritual for new parents

    This three part Rebozo ritual has no specified time frame.

    When arriving at the person’s home, we take a moment to arrive, to discover the parents’ intentions in the ritual, their story and their birth. While sharing herbal tea, we get to know each other.

    We then offer a choice of bathing in therapeutic plants chosen by you, or a Yoni Steam.
    The Yoni steam is a vaginal steam, excellent for physically and emotionally repairing intimate wounds.

    Nous avions rajouté des tranches de gingembre frais pour pafumer l'eau.
    Tout en douceur, nous bercerons l'utérus pour l'encourager à reprendre sa place et se laisser dorloter.

    The 4 handed massage is perfect to ground the body into the earth.
    The ritual is then done on the ground, to further assist in the grounding process.

    The tightening ritual with scarfs is preformed on 7 areas of the body. We tighten for an undetermined amount of time, while communicating with the parent, and release when we intuit that the process is complete.
    The tightening and releasing bring attention and liberation to the body, a powerful letting-go.

    On replace les hanches et le bassin avec le foulard.
    Rebozo Ceremony

    Our Fee

    Reimbursement may be possible if one of the doulas is also a naturopath and you have private insurance. 

    Rebozo Ceremony
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