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Prenatal services for future parents

Birth may be intuitive for human beings, but we have arrived into an era of hyper-medicalized birth in stressful settings that have the potential to traumatize both baby and parent.

The work we do is to remember that birth can be a happy, gentle and positive event.

During our prenatal classes, different options for the birthing process are explored and explained.

If you are seeking prenatal preparation that is adapted to your reality and your needs, you’ve found your place!

Prenatal Classes

Workshops for expecting parents

Our prenatal private courses are given in the comfort of your home. Our group classes feature small groups to offer you the space to share your experiences.

The classes allow you to be prepared for your big day with a set of tools and knowledge to make choices that are right for you.

These meetings strengthen your self-confidence to experience birth in a peaceful way.

We help to:

  • Make informed decisions for you and baby.
  • Prepare your body and your spirit for an important transition
  • Share the experience with your partner and form a team before the birth process
  • Plan your birth and the beginnings as a solo parent  
We are there to prepare you to become parents!
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Couple heureux échographie

We are also available to organize your blessing way. This ancestral ceremony celebrates the parents’ transition from pregnancy to parenthood, adding a spiritual dimension that is generally absent in traditional baby showers.

The goal is to create a space in which the pregnant person feels supported and held by their community, using activities that reinforce connection, self-positivity and confidence in body and birth, while promoting active listening and relaxation.

The activities may be shared poems or songs, massages, braiding of hair or henna on the hands and belly.

The central theme of the celebration is to support and cherish the pregnant person in a calm environment, a far cry from the consumerist craze of baby showers.

We can prepare for birth, but preparing for postnatal is just as essential!

It is always a good time to start preparing your peaceful transition to parenthood by:

  • Taking breastfeeding classes
  • Ensuring that you are well supported when you return at home
  • Organizing for time to yourself with banked hours of postnatal support

Preparing for postnatal is essential and must be done before baby arrives!

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