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Whether you want to plan your home birth or find a useful and original gift to offer to future parents, you will find what you’re looking for here. We have several products and accessories for rent and/or for purchase.

A birthing pool, an electronic breast pump, birth benches, gift certificates and postnatal equipment, it’s all here!

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    Products for sale

    Gift-certificate for postpartum care at home

    Give the new parents in your life a break! For 3 hours, a qualified person will come and take care of the whole household. Sleeping, showering, going out for a breath of fresh air or talking about our reality to someone you trust, these are the real needs of new parents!

    Manual : Langage des signes pour bébés (French version only)

    Buy the manual to learn baby sign language independently. This manual includes 90 signs from your and your baby’s everyday life. You will be able to learn how to communicate with your child without having to come to our group workshops!

    Gift box for the postnatal period

    In collaboration with the company 4T, Les Premiers Moments has designed a box specially adapted to the postnatal period of its customers. Whether to give as a gift or to offer to oneself, it is an attention that will not go unnoticed!

    Available in the greater Montreal area

    Products for rent

    Inflatable birthing pool

    If you are planning to do a long part of your labour at home or give birth at home, a birthing pool is a great tool. Larger than a bath, with comfortable handles and walls, you won’t want to get out of it.

    Birthing stool

    Whether you’re planning to give birth in the hospital or at home, this tool is useful in any situation! The Birth Chair puts you in a physiological position for the birth of your baby without losing comfort with its padded seat and integrated handles for more power.

    Electric Breast Pump

    The best breast pump in town is this one! Ameda’s Elite Dual Electric Breast Pump will help you maintain good milk production with its efficient pump. For breastfeedings that require more support, this is the ideal formula.

    Birthing equipment and gifts

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