Birthing Stool for rent

Why use a birthing stool during birth?

A birthing stool can facilitate your labor in several ways in different phases of your delivery.

Prenatal classes will tell you (at least ours!), giving birth on your back is not a very physiological position for your body or for the work the baby has to do to pass through your pelvis.

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To rent one of our birthing stool

    Rental rates

    Important note: You can pick up and drop off the equipment yourself at our shop at 3215 Ontario East Street, in Montréal, otherwise the delivery and pick-up fees are 30$ + taxes each.

     Birthing Stool

    60$ for two weeks & 5$ per extra day
    Deposit : 200$
    Purchase value: $500

    Light wood
    Integrated handle
    Padded leather cushion
    Prices do not include taxes


    If you give birth at home and want to give birth in water, we also rent birthing pools with all the equipment!

    Pool rentals are for 1 month at a time, when you reserve a birthing bench AND a pool, we offer you the birthing bench rental at 60$ for the month instead of 120$.

    Be equipped for an easier birth!

    With the rental

    The rental of the birth stool comes with an explanatory document with photos to understand how to use it and when it is recommended to do so.

    With two models of birth bench available, you can choose a more personalized bench that fits your needs.

    Plan ahead and book it now

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