Electric Breast Pump

Why rent a double breast pump instead of a single pump?

To express milk from both breasts simultaneously and thus save time and energy. It is a good solution for many situations:

  • mixed breastfeeding
  • when milk production due to prematurity or a planned caesarean section must be started
  • when the baby is unable to latch on after consulting several breastfeeding professionals
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To rent our breast pump

    Coming with the rental

    The cups come in several sizes to ensure your comfort and the efficiency of the machine. If you have tried the breast pump provided by the hospital during your stay, you will be on familiar ground as most major hospitals use the same model, the Ameda Elite Double Pump.

    With the rental of the breast pump, you must purchase the sterile parts that will be in direct contact with your skin and milk. You will also receive instructions on how to sterilize the equipment so that it can be reused for personal use.

    The rental includes :

    • Ameda Elite Double Electric Breast Pump
    • Excellent pump control with graduated control
    • Base for holding bottles in place
    • Different measured cups for a better fit

    Fees :

    Minimum 2 weeks rental: 70$.
    Disposable Hygienikit Ameda $85
    Additional weekly rentals : 35$+txs
    Extra day: 5$+txs
    Deposit required: $200
    Delivery or pick-up fees: 30$+txs

    Ask for an on-site breastfeeding consultation to help you use the breast pump properly and solve your breastfeeding problems:

    30 minutes: $75
    60 minutes: $100

    By appointment only

    Detail: You can pick up and drop off the equipment yourself at one of our drop-off points in Montreal (Mile-End).

    Electric Double Breast Pump

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