For the kids already in our lives!

Sibling suport

Service offered in French and English throughout our entire territory

What do we do with our children when we have to be away for several days for a birth?

Both parents have to leave, sometimes in the middle of the night, without notice! Someone has to come and help the other children through this transition in the best possible way.

If you are planning a home birth, the other children should definitely have a resource person to spend time with while their parents welcome the new baby. The sounds, excitement and intensity of the moment are experienced by our youngest children and we need to be with them too!

Our packages also offer the option of taking prenatal classes and/or hours of respite at home after the birth.

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    For the kids only
    1 prenatal meeting with the child at home, with presence for a maximum of 24 hours during the birth.
    Prenatal classes + Postpartum care
    1 prenatal meeting with the child and 3 with the parents at home, with presence for a maximum of 24 hours 18 hours of day or night home respite

    Whether you’re planning a home birth, a birthing center or a hospital delivery: your children deserve to be accompanied during this important transition in their lives.

    We come to meet the child during a prenatal meeting, just for them. They will be able to play with the caregiver, ask questions and become familiar with her. When she arrives like a light breeze, they will know and trust her already.

    Things the sibling support worker can do during your delivery:

    Make sure that the children’s routine continues normally
    Preparing meals
    Giving a bath
    Putting them to bed
    Take them to or pick them up from daycare/school (need car benches or parents’ car)
    Play, laugh and relax the atmosphere
    Explain, normalize and accompany during childbirth

    Sibling Support

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